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Pencilmation #30 Pencilmation #30

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dawwwww! that was lovely.

Rectal Computer Rectal Computer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You did what you wanted and that was fine, and funny, the guy below me was right.... a song was the last thing i expected. but in all honesty it doesn't have the.... 'sexual lobster-ness' of you other works.

that being said you did what you felt and i like it. if not as much as you other stuff.
keep doing what you feel bro.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow... AHEM! sniff...

it moistened my eyes.
nuff said.

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Lockehorn Lockehorn

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the fiendish difficulty that suddenly springs on you once you have gotten the hang of how to play.
you reactions have to be spot on and you have to plan one moment ahead in order to come out on top.
the difficulty, while infuriating, never seems unfair and if you make a mistake you know that it was your fault, but at the same time you can always see how to correct your error after the fact, or before the fact with just a little planning.
very fun game... and a bit addictive, I'll freely admit.
my two criticisms of the game;

1. The Environment
vary the environmental aesthetics a bit more (environmental mechanics were amazing up to the point that I have played through). let's see some dim crystal caverns or dark (yet visible) misty chambers. varying colours? maybe and add a bit the the reward segment at stages end (lockehorn's dancing is cute, but add a bit more sparkle... some charm)

2. the abilities
the one thing that I kept thinking was " it would be so awesome if I could jump over over the ice-block (not direction jumping mind you, just a 'hop in place' sort of move)" it would open up opportunities to let the block pass under you harmlessly if you can get the timing right and start pushing from the other side to add more momentum in a shorter time frame and maybe also if you 'hop' with exceptional timing you could 'ride' the block and get a 'ride bonus' until the block hit a solid object, knocking you off the ride bonus (numerical value floating in the air) would then burst into coins and/or gems that you could then collect (similar to when a 'coin pot' is smashed) depending on the magnitude of the 'ride' bonus. maybe also rewards for near misses and 'hopping' over the 'snow bunnies'.

over all great concept, sweet execution.
am still playing right now!

Road of the Dead Road of the Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very unexpected!

you've got the imagination. you've got the talent. And, you've clearly got the skill!
now all that is necessary to take your group to the next level is to start exercising your collaborative muscles to benefit from what is clearly a great creative group vibe you all got going on! Don't let this awesome group talent go to waste, and don't let it stagnate at this.

We can all only benefit from you guys going from strength to strength.

p.s. a ducking function might of added another layer to the overall game
being able to kamikaze a soldier and avoid bullets would have been sweet, a
caveat to this would be the inability to see where you are going and loss of
you 'far-sight' ability for the duration of the duck.

may the winds of the stars fill your sails forever.

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Quick Sand Quick Sand

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hey! that was surprising fun!

and the controls were perfect! a bit sensitive, but i get why! for a game of twitch responses, mixed with forethought strategy, the controls needed to be part of the puzzle

Recent Art Reviews

Cirque Dreams Cirque Dreams

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Excellent technical skill, strong lines, excellent colour AND blending (good juxtaposition of soft blended almost muted colours and bright colours and stark lines) good living eyes, and i must admit the slight difference between the eyes adds an almost perfect 'natural person with natural facial tics look to it. add to that a certain non-plastic attractiveness of the character and there you have it! an illustration that is now among my favourites right of the bat!

p.s. never lose the passion for it, never stop drawing. I'm now trying to find mine again.

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Castle Crashers Portraits Castle Crashers Portraits

Rated 5 / 5 stars

MERCIFUL HEAVENS... I've got a loooong way to go

I played a good bit of this at a friends house, 'TEH MOS FUN EVAR' but seriously the game is devious, it throws a bunch of enemies at you in the beginning whom collectively have the same level of constitution as a giant African snail, THEN! the game starts to ramp up in difficulty (see Ms. Trunchbold, I CAN spell long word) exponentially. and don't even mention the extreme mode (can't remember what it is called) got my @$$ handed to me on a dirty dinner plate on numerous occasions. I have fond memories of my times, not only with that game, but with what impressed me as serious character designs and character portraits. now i am made wise to the fact that it is indeed you who art the scoundrel who captivated me with those candy sweet visual cupcake parties.

I salute you, and make a solemn oath of honour this day!
" Through ice and flame, and raging storm,
I hereby heed the call,
To slay all foes like a beast of khorne,
On my quest to catch 'em all! "

may the winds of the stars fill your sails forever.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Different country, don't know the background

so this review is neither based on cultural knowledge nor is it utilising any other frame of reference other than my critical eye and my love of art.

that said, the piece is wonderful, and remarkably understated at the same time, I am not sure of what cultural portrayal this is presenting exactly but the skill with which it is rendered is insane. this is probably another example of that same question "who do you thank, the artist or his hand?" it seems that we may in fact be the joyful slaves and servitors of of our talent and not the other way around... and artist, such as yourself, might mutter under his breath "my arm wants what it wants, (sigh) and it usually get what it wants, even if my brain has anything to do with it." so I wonder and i must ask... how much did you consciously have to do with this peace?

Was it in fact one of those moments late one night when you are possessed by the urge to put pencil to paper, and in the flurry of quiet madness, (that you have to actively reign like a wild chinchilla) a form begins to be carved from virgin white? i ask this because there is something primordial about the image itself, like you only directed your arm somewhat but let it summon what it pleased, like there isn't much constraint to it. like you let loose.
or I could be totally off the mark.

i love the fact that you made the most of minimal visual material (i noticed that you used only 2 colour groups to 'ink' (srry had to use my newest vocabulary tool) the illustration. was this a concious design direction? or did it simply feel right after the initial flurry of pencil and paper orgy?
the un obsessed strokes an shaping are what truly interest me, being a g-artist and now learning the true basic building blocks of drawn art i am monumentally interested in hearing what you have to say. i want my drawing to be as good and as relaxed as yours. it will take a while but i am investing the patience.

is the Indian logo shocked to see that he is merely decor upon someone's cap?
or just horrified at who's wearing it?

may the winds of the stars fill your sails forever.

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JohnnyUtah responds:

should I thank you or hate you? I'm terribly conflicted.